Professional service
of medical equipment

We specialise in heavy CT and MRI imaging diagnostic devices manufactured by GE, Siemens and Hitachi. Thanks to many years of experience in providing authorised service for Shimadzu X-ray machines, we are also happy to help customers with this type of equipment.

Should you have problems with any of your equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to provide you with assistance.
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TQMS is a company created by people with passion. It was established on the initiative of two engineers who had been cooperating with each other for over 8 years. We furnish comprehensive support service for medical imaging diagnostic equipment. Indeed, ever since 2016, when we started our business in the Polish market, we have been taking effort every day to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We specialise in trouble-shooting and servicing CT and MRI devices manufactured by GE, Siemens and Hitachi. In addition, our expertise and long years of experience in providing authorised service for Shimadzu X-ray machines allow us to provide the best quality of support for this type of equipment. Our customers receive the highest standards of cooperation, with individual offers tailored to meet all their expectations.


We provide comprehensive support service for medical equipment, including periodic technical check-ups of CT, MRI and X-ray systems.

We diagnose all kinds of malfunctions and determine the best and most optimal methods of solving problems individually with the customer.

We offer service contracts covering periodic technical check-ups, diagnostics and repairs, as well as full packages with spare parts.

We provide ongoing access to our warehouse stock with information about prices, types of warranty, delivery times and costs, as well as payment conditions.

We also provide professional disassembly and disposal services for used equipment and medical waste.

We perform installation, relocation and deinstallation of MRI, CT and X-ray equipment, together with full engineering and logistics support.


We are happy to present you our unique online shop. Visit it to check out our parts and accessories, and to gain information about the prices of selected items, as well as delivery times and costs, types of warranty and payment conditions. This solution allows you to view, any time and anywhere, our warehouse stock, together with information about prices, so as to speed up and facilitate your work, making it possible for you to make a more rapid purchasing decision. We are constantly expanding our range of products and making changes on an ongoing basis. Please, do not hesitate to visit our online shop.